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Working Alongside Your Security Service – 24/7 Security Guard Solutions

Working Alongside Your Security Service – 24/7 Security Guard Solutions

When you hire private security for an event, a store, as a bodyguard, or for any other service, we’re here to provide you with peace of mind and safety. Our job, much like the police, is to protect and serve. And also like the police, we need certain things from you. Here are some of the best ways to make your relationship with 247 Private Security as seamless, strong, and productive as possible.


Our job, our sole job, is to keep you and your assets safe. When we ask you for information, be very clear with us. If we are working your wedding and there is a chance that your new husband’s frat brother is planning to get totally hammered before his speech, put on a Kool-Aid Man costume, and crash through a wall, you should let us know. Similarly, if you have an angry ex that might show up, or the boss’ kid sometimes shows up at your café late at night after the shop is closed, tell us. We are trained to view everyone as a potential threat, so if someone isn’t but might seem like one, please let us know.


We deal with a lot of people who expect us to go above and beyond our duties, which we’re happy to do… but only so far. If you want us to act like Secret Service Agents, we’ll play along unless something real happens and we have to take care of it. If we see an issue that needs our attention, you’re no longer Missus President and we’re no longer willing to merely stand around looking tough. Your drunken uncle is not going to get in his car and drive. We’re security guards and we WILL keep you safe, even if we seem less fun than you’d prefer.


We do a lot of security for celebrities, and they are usually lovely. But their friends and handlers? Not so much. If you get in our face, or too close to the people we’re guarding, or we’re going to handle our business. And there is no amount of griping on your part that’s going to stop that.

We’re committed at 247 Private Security to providing great service, and we love when the people that hire us are just as interested in getting amazing security as we are to give it. Our guards are available whenever you need them. Call (888) 887 0021 or book online at

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