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Why Your Shopping Center Needs Mall Security Guard Services

Why Your Shopping Center Needs Mall Security Guard Services

When you go to the mall, you expect to see raccoon-sized cinnamon rolls, wildly in love teenagers, and security guards. Lazy Hollywood screenwriters would like you to believe that the security guards are all hopelessly inept, but that particular stereotype is happily untrue. A dedicated, well trained mall security team is an absolutely vital part of a safe, fun, profitable shopping center.

Security guards are able to keep stores, customers and employees safe and secure. Here’s how:


Shopping malls are free and open to the public, but the fact that there is an enforced code of conduct ensures that it’s appealing, especially to people with disposable income. They know, and potentially disruptive people know, that shopping malls are going to remain clean and safe. It is a great place to have fun and spend money, and those looking to start trouble will not be allowed in.

Guards have the authority to bar belligerent, dangerous people from entering. Non-service animals are turned away and no shoes, no shirt, no service is enforced.

Beyond the door, guards are able to use their authority to stop other problems. They can break up fights, stop underage or excessive drinking, escort visitors back to their cars, and more. Their presence is invaluable. If you’re interested in finding out more about keeping your shopping center secured, call (888) 887 0021. You can also book your orders through our online order form.


There are approximately 27 million active shoplifters in the United States, and while they might view stealing from your company as a victimless crime, you don’t. Shoplifting is usually done in a spur-of-the-moment decision, which looks a lot less appealing when there is a uniformed guard in front of the store. If a theft does occur despite the guard’s presence, they are often encouraged (for insurance reasons) not to physically intervene, but they are trained in what to look for and are excellent witnesses.

Their presence makes malls a safe place for kids to be teenagers can be left to their devices without their parents having any reason to fear for the minor’s safety.

Modern shopping centers need to keep their stores secure and their customers safe. Our security guards can do that for you. Call (888) 887 0021or book online at

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