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The Need for Security in Whittier

Home to the prestigious Whittier College, the gateway city of Whittier is swimming with students from across the nation, clamoring to attend classes at the alma-mater of the infamous Richard Nixon. As the town is flooded during the school months, it’s up to local businesses and venue owners to protect themselves from the party animal students and Whittier’s infamous societies.

247 Private Security is here to help. Our security professionals are very familiar with the college scene. We even provide long term security services at other schools within the L.A. area. For local businesses, the services Security Base Group provides to the Whittier community are unparalleled.

247 Private Security Is Locally-Focused

That’s right. 247 Private Security may be a nationally renowned provider of security services, but the only way we’ve been able to achieve the success we’ve had is by focusing on every community we serve individually. That’s why we’ve pioneered hiring procedures to meet the needs of the Whittier community. Here’s how it works. First, we recruit locally in Whittier, then we assign the guards who are from Whittier to jobs in the Whittier community.

This has two powerful effects. First, our security professionals have a personal connection to the work they do; this helps to motivate them towards excellence, making the job a matter of civic pride. Second, we understand that every community has its own values, sub-communities, and struggles. It is our firm belief that someone with local knowledge is able to use that information to better address security concerns in a manner that meshes with the culture of the city in which they work. This helps to ensure that the services our guards provide are a cut above the rest.247 Private Security Is Ready to Serve You 24/7

247 Private Security is a customer focused company. Because of that, we’ve innovated new methods of dispatch and order taking that simplify the process and allow us to provide security guards 24/7. As a result, we can have guards to your door in Whittier in as little as two hours.

If you’re local to the Whittier community and looking for security professionals for your home, business or event, then call 247 Private Security at (888) 887 0021. We have dispatch specialists standing by who are ready to walk you through the pricing and patrol options, so you can make an informed decision regarding how best to protect your interests.

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