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South Gate

South Gate: A Pleasant Community with Dangerous Areas

South Gate is a pleasant Latino community in the South Central region of Los Angeles. There are large swaths of south gate that are as safe as Beverly Hills, and much of the crime is isolated to a select few areas that remain more dangerous than even Compton.

This reveals a lot about the risks that businesses and communities have when it comes to protecting themselves from crime, and may require nuanced security solutions that only 247 Private Security provides.

247 Private Security Can Tailor Security Solutions to Your Needs

247 Private Security is familiar with the challenges of the South Gate area, and comfortable answering the questions that locals there have, such as:

Do I even need security?
What is better, armed or unarmed?
I am on a budget, can you work with me?

The truth is, 247 Private Security hires locally, which means that our guards are plugged into the South Gate community.

They know the risks a given area likely poses, and are  up to the task of handling any threat or disruption, no matter how severe.

Considering one out of every 200 residents will be the victim of a violent crime, and the rates of property crimes like burglary, vandalism, and even robbery are over five times that, businesses and communities are turning to 247 Private Security for comprehensive security solutions.

247 Private Security Is Here to Help 24/7

247 Private Security is here to help. We have capable dispatch specialists on hand every day and night, ready to send security professionals to your door. We’ve simplified the ordering process, and streamlined the delivery of services.

Thanks to our focus on the customer experience, 247 Private Security can have an armed or unarmed security professional at your door, 24/7.

If you’re local to the South Gate area, and are looking to protect your home or business, or get security for an event, give Security Base Group a call at 213-444-1555 to book guards today!

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