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Security guards are there to provide enhanced safety in extraordinary circumstances. Whether someone is in need of airport security, business security solutions, security at sporting events, private security, personal bodyguard, wedding security guard, or any of a slew  of others, they need to hire a team who can provide them with services above and beyond what their local police force is able to.

Across the country, police and emergency services are overwhelmed by the needs of the public. We have a ton of respect for the badge at 247 Private Security and are proud to help boost their services by providing our own. Here are our top five ways we help law enforcement:


Our presence in a neighborhood, with a person, in front of a shop or in a mall is a huge deterrence for potential criminals. When the bad guy sees us, they know that whatever they’re planning won’t be quick  or easy, and nine times out of ten, they’ll leave without even trying to break the law.


There are a lot of signals that something bad is going to  happen, and GuardNow’s team are trained to look out for them. We look out for suspicious activity, and if we’re not able to stop the person, we call in local or national  law enforcement to bring out the big guns.


Police officers are called to protect and serve, and we follow the same motto. Our job is to keep a place or person safe, and that’s just what we do. We offer different tiers of protection, including and up to  armed guards that will voluntarily put themselves in danger. Being part of a private security detail is a proud duty, and our guards have put themselves on the line for everyone from diplomates to Kim Kardashian. The police can’t be there to protect you 24/7, but we can.

247 Private  Security guards are an important link between the police and the   public, and are available whenever you need. Call (888) 887 0021 or book online at

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