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San Clemente

Wealthy San Clemente Turns to 247 Private Security for Security Services San Clemente, a wealthy surfer community in Orange County, turns to 247 Private Security’s private security services.

When it comes time to protect themselves from burglars and robbers, and ensuring events go off without a hitch, the residents of this coastal community already know that 247 Private Security  is their one-stop shop for security professionals of all levels.

247 Private Security’s Customer Service Is Unmatched!

247 Private Security’s customer service offerings are unrivaled within the private security industry in Southern California. Our company prides itself on weaving technology and procedural innovation with good old fashioned compassion for our clients.

That results in a streamlined ordering process, a refreshing transparency when it comes to price, and a willingness to work with our customers to fill their orders, no matter how short notice.

In fact, 247 Private Security is known across the nation as the fastest way to order security guards. We have dispatchers available 24/7, and can have a team of guards ready for action in San Clemente in as little as two hours.

247 Private Security Understands the Community’s Needs

247 Private Security has a local focus. We’re proud to have served the southern California community for several years, and look forward to providing security professionals who are keyed into an area’s unique needs for many more!

Our secret is our recruitment process, through which we make every effort to hire security professionals that are part of the communities in which they serve.

This has two powerful effects on the performance of our teams. First, hiring within local communities creates a personal connection between our guards and the venues they protect. That turns a simple job into a matter of civic pride, and results in improved attentiveness and focus.

Second, we rely on our local security professionals to make effective use of their local knowledge in diffusing security threats. Every community has unique values and approaches towards fellow community members, and San Clemente is no exception.

Our guards approach security risks professionally, and with the local culture in mind, to provide security solutions that mesh with the community in which they’re operating, instead of clashing.

If you’re local to San Clemente and looking for security services for your event, businesses or home, then reach out to one of our dispatch specialist, they can walk you through the pricing and protection options, and help you make an informed decision about the best security options for your needs.

Call us at (888) 887 0021 today!

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