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Pico Rivera

Pico Rivera Retailers Turn to 247 Private Security Thanks to spiking rates of vehicular theft, Pico Rivera retailers and parking lot owners are turning to 247 Private Security for their security needs.

247 Private Security is experienced at providing parking lot security, as well as loss prevention solutions in the greater Los Angeles area, and Security Base Group is thrilled to help residents and store owners in the Pico Rivera area keep their investments safe.

Car theft is a popular crime in Los Angeles, where corner body shops and organized criminal networks make moving stolen vehicles trivially easy.

Additionally, because LA is a major driving city, a criminal need only browse a single parking lot to find unassuming individuals who have left valuables visible in their cars.

Thankfully, due to the open nature of retail parking lots, and the powerful deterrent effect that uniformed security can have,  has developed effective procedures for stopping vehicular crimes.

247 Private Security’s Services Are Affordable and Effective

While 247 Private Security’s security guards are experienced at vehicular crime prevention, that’s not the only space in which we excel.

Because 247 Private Security’s professionals work closely with facility management and local law enforcement, they are able to deter robberies and burglaries, and help bring violators of the law to justice.

Since we use a hiring process that emphasizes guard character and local knowledge, the security professionals we provide to Pico Rivera are often community natives with a personal connection to the area.

The guards we provide work at or below standard market rates, and bring a level of character and local knowledge unparalleled by regional competitors.

247 Private Security Professionals Are Ready to Serve Pico Rivera Today

247 Private Security’s local security professionals are on hand and ready to serve the Pico Rivera community today. We have streamlined the ordering and dispatch processes, and can have a team of armed or unarmed security professionals on site in as little as two hours.

If you’re a Pico Rivera local looking to bring experienced, compassionate and effective security professionals to your business or event, speak with one of our dispatch specialists today.

Call us at (888) 887 0021 to see what we can do for you!

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