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Paramount Keeps Crime Rates Low in a Community Surrounded by ViolenceParamount, a small low-income community in the Los Angeles area, shares a border with Lynwood and Compton on one side, and Bellflower on the other. Between all three cities, however, Paramount has the lowest crime rates in the area.

How has Paramount been able to accomplish this? The city’s business owners, event planners, and residents know the value of private security to supplement local police activities, and are taking steps to secure their interests.

247 Private Security’s Private Security Offerings Are Affordable and Effective

As new businesses look to private security to protect their interests, and more established locations are evaluating the market for the best options, hiring 247 Private Security is an excellent choice.

Our agency is unique among security guard companies for the speed with which they fill orders, and the transparency offered when it comes to pricing.

247 Private Security also engages in unique hiring practices that emphasize the quality of character of its applicants, and focuses on hiring locals to serve in their own communities.

This means that our guards, while hired at market rate prices, maintain a powerful local connection to Paramount and are able to use that expert knowledge to more effectively manage threats and make residents and shoppers feel more safe and secure.

247 Private Security’s Security Officers Are Available Today

247 Private Security knows that customer service is king. That’s why we have dispatch specialists available by phone 24/7, and can fill orders for protection, both armed and unarmed, in less than two hours.

Our management is focused on cultivating return business by providing the best customer service available. If we treat rushed orders with industry defining standards of courtesy and service, just imagine what we can do for long-term clients!

If you’re local to Paramount, and are looking to book security guards for upcoming events, residential neighborhoods, or business locations, call us at (888) 887 0021 to speak to one of our dispatchers today

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