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Palmdale Residents Are Looking For Peace of Mind

Palmdale is a neighborhood on the up and up. Although to the people living there, it might not seem that way, considering the near average rates of income and 12% local poverty rates, along with regions where crime substantially outweighs national averages.

Nevertheless, since the 90s, Palmdale community leaders and business owners have made serious efforts towards improving the quality of life in this distant suburb of Los Angeles. As wealth and levels of education steadily increase, the one thing local residents are craving is a sense of security. Fortunately, 247 Private Security has Palmdale covered.

guardNOW Offers Private Security Options to the Palmdale Community

Palmdale’s distance from urban centers, above average rates of poverty, and high-crime areas present unique security challenges. Thanks to Security Base Group’s policy of hiring locally, many of the guards who serve the Palmdale area are locals, able to use their personal community knowledge to more effectively secure the areas in which they operate.

Additionally, because we hire locally, our guards often have personal connections to the communities in which they operate, giving them a personal motivation to exceed expectations in both courtesy and crime prevention.

Services For Every Occasion

247 Private Security offers levels of protection and a variety of security services. Our event specialists secure dozens of events every month across all of southern California, while our business security specialists works closely with a variety of retailers and property managers to tailor long-term security solutions to the client’s unique needs. And because of 247 Private Security’s innovative focus on making the process of dispatching guards simpler, we’re able to fill security orders in as little as two hours.

If you’re a resident of Palmdale looking to provide peace of mind to your customers or event goers, or are looking for security options for your home or neighborhood, then talk to one of our dispatch specialists today by calling (888) 887 0021 . They will walk you through all the options, so you can find a security solution that matches your needs and budget.

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