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Lancaster’s Focus on Security Has Made It Surprisingly Safe

Lancaster is not a poor community, though in relation to the surrounding areas, it isn’t well-off either. Based on the sizable chunk of the population living below the poverty line, one would guess that the community would suffer from at least average rates of crime.

The reality, however, is that thanks to the local government’s focus on community building events, their well-funded and staffed police force, and the frequent use of private security professionals by businesses, criminals are looking elsewhere when it comes to committing crimes.

247 Private Security Professionals Serve the Lancaster Area

247 Private Security , the fastest growing provider of security services in the Los Angeles Metro area, already serves the Lancaster community, offering retail security for a number of shops.

We hire locally, and as a result are tuned into the unique challenges that Lancaster presents.

Because we have a focus on customer service, 247 Private Security is able to provide courteous and professional security staff to thousands of people each month. We also have dispatchers available 24/7 who can schedule guards for any event at your door in as little as two hours.

247 Private Security’s Services Have Spurred Economic Growth

By providing the retail community with security professionals, we help shoppers feel safer, which can result in spikes in spending in the areas that are investing in their customer’s comfort and safety.

Studies have shown that when in the presence of courteous and professional uniformed security guards, shoppers spend more time in an area and spend more money, while employees are less likely to steal and more likely to remain loyal to the store in which they work.

If you’re based in the Lancaster area and are looking to hire security professionals for your event or business, call us at (888) 887 0021to speak to one of our dispatch specialists who can tailor a security solution to match your unique needs.

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