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Lake Forest

Lake Forest’s Big Events Have Big Security NeedsHome of the the well-known and popular Saddleback Church, Orange County’s Lake Forest neighborhood hosts myriad large community events throughout the year. The city’s niche for big public displays means that Lake Forest needs a professional security team with a reputation for high-quality service in the OC area.

Event Security Is 247 Private Security’s Specialty

247 Private Security  specializes in event security. We’ve integrated our security protocols with innovations in dispatch procedures that allow us to respond to security needs quickly, while our emphasis on modern technology and state of the art patrol techniques have given us an edge over the competition when it comes to the quality of protection we provide.

We also make every effort to hire locally, and assign guards to their own communities. It is our firm belief that this allows our guards to use their local community knowledge to tailor their services to the communities in which they serve.

Offering a variety of levels of protection and services for events, from small parties to large festivals, 247 Private Security has the services that Lake Forest event planners and party hosts need to protect their guests and secure their festivities.

Event Security Makes for Better Events

247 Private Security’s event security doesn’t just protect the party-goer; it makes for better events overall. Our security professionals work for you and enhance the party experience in three key ways. First, they provide peace of mind to the event attendees, which means they can enjoy the party longer, and in certain cases feel better about spending more money at the events.

Secondly, security guards make sure that only those who should be at the event are at the event. Door service is hard to manage on your own, but thanks to 247 Private Security’s security experience, they have the skills needed to keep unwanted individuals out of the venue.

Thirdly, 247 Private Security’s security professionals can remove threatening individuals so other party-goers feel safe. Sometimes people party a little too hard, and when that happens, security professionals can escort them off of the premises without making a scene, allowing the rest of the attendees to continue having a good time, and significantly lowering the odds of police interference.

If you’re a Lake Forest event planner or are hosting an event in the area, call us at (888) 887 0021 to speak with one of our security dispatch professionals.

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