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Our Security Guards in Inglewood Safeguard Your Residence!Located within the Los Angeles area, Inglewood is roughly nine square miles and has a population of about a 110,000 people. 247 Private Security’s objective is to minimize conflict in Inglewood, with our guards helping to maintain order throughout designated locations within the city.

Well-known Hollywood films such as Boyz n the HoodTraining Day, and even the cult classic Wayne’s World had scenes that were filmed in Ingelwood. Our reputable security agency provides both armed and unarmed guards services to protect actors and film crews during studio productions.

Police Officers do a fantastic job of creating order in cities, but the fact is that these police officers and sheriff deputies are just not able to keep an active eye out for every business.

For this reason, 247 Private Security offers such a variety of guards. 247 Private Security is a private security company that strives to maintain ideal conditions in even the most dangerous environments.

Call us at (888) 887 0021 to discuss your security options in or around Inglewood. You can also use our convenient online order form to book Inglewood guards today!

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