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Huntington Beach

Surf City’s World Famous Events Need Security

Huntington Beach is a shining gem of classic California culture, with a passion for surf and a real laid back attitude. Hosting a number of alternative sporting championships annually, and home to a thriving underground music scene, Huntington Beach embodies the spirit of the Golden Coast. Just because the citizens and visitors are looking for that classic laid-back vibe doesn’t mean that event hosts and business owners can shirk their responsibilities, however.

This city is famous around the world for its surf culture and amazing outdoor events. From the big one: The World Surfing Championships, to dozens of other community based activities, this thriving locale needs experienced security professionals to maximize the safety of Huntington beach residents, and their biggest money maker: the tourists who visit year round.

247 Private Security’s Security Services are Specially Tailored to the Needs of Huntington Beach

Because we hire locally, our guards come standard with the sort of local knowledge that makes them both an effective enforcer and a welcome part of the community. It’s not exaggeration to say that Huntington has some pretty crazy crimes, from people breaking into the zoo, to roving confederates flying the stars and bars, and someone with local knowledge will be better able handle the varied situations that Huntington residents and visitors face on a regular basis.

Beyond that, our security professionals are trained with special instruction when it comes to handling events.

247 Private Security specializes in swiftly delivering courteous security professionals to parties, concerts, weddings and get-togethers, and works closely with law enforcement to keep event-goers safe, local residents happy, and parties going all night long.

Event Security Is a Solid Investment, No Matter Where You Are

While Huntington Beach is infamously laid back, that doesn’t mean criminals are picking up on those vibes. In an increasingly dangerous world, event planners owe it to their guests and talent to provide security from any outside threats.

The good news is that even basic security is often enough to discourage criminals and would-be attackers. The sorts of crazies who target sporting events, schools and concerts are looking for easy prey. A uniformed security guard acts as a powerful deterrent to criminals of all levels.

All of this understates the most valuable element that security provides: peace of mind. Our security guards make visitors feel safe, and that means they spend more time (and money) partying the night away. If you’re a venue owner, event host, or looking for security for any other reason, give us a call at (888) 887 0021 and see what we can do for you!

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