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Security Guard Serves Gardena Residents

247 Private Security has been providing security services to the Gardena area for the past several years. We’ve been helping to make sure that this historically diverse community’s homes, businesses, and events are protected from disorderly conduct, vandalism, and crime by providing top of the line security services at rates that our clients can afford.

We’re thrilled to serve the Gardena area, and believe that our hiring and dispatch procedures, along with our client-oriented approach, all give us a competitive edge over other security service providers in the area.

There are three things that make 247 Private Security a cut above the rest when it comes to the security services it provides.

First, we have high standards for who we hire, requiring that all our security professionals have substantial experience, a clean record, and a history of excellence. Second, we place those guards in an environment that rewards excellence and long-term dedication with opportunities for pay raises and advancement.

Finally, we make every effort to staff our guards in the communities in which they live. This gives every guard a personal connection to their job, and turns guarding from something done for a paycheck into a matter of personal and civil pride.

247 Private Security Is Available 24/7

Call us at (888) 887 0021 or submit our online order form to book guards today!

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