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Fullerton’s Music Scene Needs SecurityFullerton is home to a thriving musical community with venues small and large supporting local acts night after night. From the bosom of Fullerton have arisen wild groups like No Doubt and the major punk band The Offspring.

Because of the anti-authoritarian nature of rock music, show hosts, bands and venue owners don’t exactly jump for joy when they hear the word security, but rock history has shown, time and time again, that well trained security professionals don’t stifle performances, they let them shine by keeping order at the venue and making sure shows don’t cross the line and get shut down by the cops.

Private Security Works for You

Remember, unlike the police who have an interest in serving all parties equally, private security works for whoever hires them. That means that security professionals hired to keep order at concerts aren’t there to put a damper on the fun, rather, they’re going out of their way to enhance the concert going experience for everyone involved.

Additionally, with a security guard or two on hand, venue managers can protect other concert goers from drunken and disorderly individuals, and help to prevent drunk driving by working with local cops to report any suspect drivers at the end of the show.

Bad Things Happen When Shows Don’t Have Protection Venue owners, party hosts, and even the bands themselves all have a responsibility to the citizens involved in the performance. When relevant parties fail to live up to their duties, bad things happen. Case-in-point: the Altamont Free Concert. Widely regarded as one of the biggest failures in rock history, much of the damage done can be traced back to the fact that no real security was hired for the event. While most shows in Fullerton are a fair bit smaller than Altamont, the same principles still apply.

Lives and property are at risk, and when fans get swept up in the music, they are prone to getting careless. Venue owners and event hosts owe it to themselves, their patrons, and their bands to invest in security and keep their bread and butter (the fans) alive and moshing, so they can be back night after night.

247 Private Security does both venue and event security, and has protocols in place for dealing with the sorts of energetic and intoxicated crowds that musical scenes are known for. With a focus on courtesy and customer service, 247 Private Security security professionals are well equipped to deal with anything Fullerton’s crazy music scene can throw.

Click here to book security guards, or call (888) 887 0021 to discuss your order with one of our dispatch specialists!

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