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El Monte

El Monte Calls on 247 Private Security When in Need of Security Guard Experts Located just 13 miles east of Los Angeles, El Monte is a large, friendly city that has really exploded onto the scene over the last decade. Working as an industrial and production hub for southern California, residents are already feeling the effects of economic recovery. Despite the hopeful prospects that economists and business leaders alike predict for El Monte, it’s clear that he community still faces sever safety challenges.

Even though the economy in El Monte is recovering rapidly, nearly a quarter of all residents live below the poverty line…and where there is poverty, there is crime. Vehicle theft, burglary, and armed robbery are common sights in the El Monte police blotter.

Fortunately, 247 Private Security can help. By providing security guards in El Monte, we can reduce crime rates, and engender feelings of safety among the populace, which will help stoke the flames of the economic furnace.

We Protect Business Assets

Retailers and manufacturers alike know the risks that vandalism and theft pose to their continued profitability. That’s why they’re turning to Security Base Group’s services to protect their merchandise, industrial infrastructure, and most importantly, their workers and customers.

Between our security surveillance, exterior monitoring, alarm response, fire watch, construction surveillance, and executive protection, we know that, no matter what you require, 247 Private Security can effectively accommodate.

Because we employ only the highest caliber of security professionals, you can rest assured that our services will exceed your expectation.

Residential Security Guards Protect What Matters Most

Like businesses, individuals also need to protect the things they care about: their homes, families, and neighborhoods. With the rates of crime in El Monte being what they are, 247 Private Security’s residential security services are a natural solution to the challenges the community faces.

We provide neighborhood patrol services, home security consultations, alarm monitoring, and estate security guards. 247 Private Security is focused on crime prevention, and that means stopping malicious individuals before you or your family are ever at risk. With years of residential security experience, and a team of highly trained security professionals, 247 Private Security has effective and affordable solutions to all your security concerns.

Call us at (888) 887 0021 or fill out our convenient online order form to book guards today!

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