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Security Guards Save the Day in Downey

Downy is a proud city with a glorious and distinctly American heritage. In addition to being the birthplace of the Apollo Space Program, it is also home to the oldest still existing McDonalds. Unfortunately, this exciting town’s heritage is threatened by a rash of gang violence, robbery, and vehicle theft. Thankfully, 247 Private Security security guards are ready to answer the call and do their part to protect homes, businesses, and communities.

Businesses in Downy especially benefit from 247 Private Security’s security services. Our well trained and professional security team provides such services as loss prevention, parking lot monitoring, and even armed guard protection.

Whether you’re a big retailer looking to cut down on shoplifting, or a store in a shopping center looking out for the safety of your customers, we guarantee that you’ll be more than impressed by the professionalism of our security team, and the impact that we have on crime.

Residential Communities Benefit Too

Residential communities are also discovering the power of 247 Private Security.

Between our patrol services, elderly wellness visits, and home security consultations, we can take a crime ridden community and make is feel as safe as any neighborhood in Beverly Hills. Feeling safe does more than just offer comfort; the sense of security that 247 Private Security creates can transform entire communities.

When citizens feel safer, they are friendlier to their neighbors, spend more time outside, and spend more money on the maintenance of their property. This, in turn, results in a community that is more beautiful, more engaged, and more pleasant to live in.

 Is Ready to Serve 24/7

247 Private Security is ready to serve Downy today. We’ve streamlined our ordering and dispatch procedures, so you can have trained and professional guards at your door in as little as two hours from when you make your purchase. Whether you’re interested in hiring temporary security for a party or event, or are looking into long term options, we’ve got you covered.

Order short term security services online by clicking here, or for more complex or long term orders, give us a call at (888) 887 0021 . Our specialists are standing by to walk you through the options so you can make an informed decision about how best to protect your interests.

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