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Costa Mesa:  Engulfed in a Crime Wave

Violent crime rose almost 50% in 2015 for the Orange County community of Costa Mesa. This is happening as hundreds of prisoners are being released from jail early thanks to Prop 47. Although Prop 47’s great prisoner exodus impacted the all of Southern California, Costa Mesa crime was one of the hardest hit areas, with rates of crime rising a full 28 percent above the Los Angeles average. Adding insult to injury is the lack of funding and good officers plaguing the Costa Mesa Police Department. The straits are so dire, that businesses and neighborhoods are turning to private security firms like Security Base Group to keep the streets safe.

Security Base Group’s Guards Are the Best on the Market

Security Base Group’s guards are some of the most highly trained on the market, and because of Security Base Group’s emphasis on using local security professionals whenever possible, they often come with expert local knowledge that helps them secure their communities better than the competition.

Additionally, because of Security Base Group’s commitment to hire veterans and ex-law enforcement, their armed security professionals are often far more trained than the average.

Security Base Group’s emphasis on local knowledge, and integrating the most modern security techniques and technology into their security protocols means that no matter how high the Costa Mesa crime rate climbs, our security professionals have residents and businesses covered.

Security Base Group’s Services are Convenient, Competitive, and Affordable

There is a reason Security Base Group is considered the fastest way to order security guards in the nation. We’ve worked hard to streamline the ordering process, and brought much needed transparency to the cost of security, so customers understand exactly what they’re paying for. Between that, and our ability to supply security professionals at a moment’s notice, Costa Mesa residents and business owners can rest easy knowing security is just a phone call away.

SBG services are in high demand in the Costa Mesa area. Speak to one of our dispatch professionals about the sorts of options we can provide, so you can make an informed decision about the best way to protect your home, event or business.

Call us at 213-444-1555 or use our online order form to book guards today!

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