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Buena Park

Buena Park: A Fun Tourist Destination

Buena Park is a fun tourist destination, with nearby Knott’s Berry Farm, a number of exciting theatres and museums, and more fun restaurants than you can shake a stick at. Is it any wonder that thousands of out-of-towners swarm the city every year looking to get away from it all?

Unfortunately, there is trouble in paradise. Buena Park has one of the highest rates of vehicle theft in the area, spurred on, no doubt, by the hordes of out of towners who keep valuables in their cars while traveling.

There is a good reason why the City of Buena Park offers tasty incentives to attract new police recruits. They are understaffed, and cannot keep up with the rates of crime that unfortunately threaten this happy, family oriented community. Businesses in Buena Park are right to fear for their future, but they don’t have to go down without a fight.

Thanks to 247 Private Security’s security services, businesses can police themselves, and in doing so, protect the most valuable asset of all, their customers.


247 Private Security’s Patrol Services Cut Down on Crime

247 Private Security offers both foot and vehicular patrol services in armed and unarmed varieties. Local shopping centers can pool their resources to hire parking lot attendants, while large shops can take advantage of our loss prevention services to put an end to shoplifting and misbehavior.

The average police response can take minutes, and that’s often too long. With private security on staff, shop owner and customers both can rest assured that the response will be immediate, effective and focused on preventing the crime from ever happening.

247 Private Security’s Businesses Protect Their Community

Community involvement is a major buzzword for small and mid-sized businesses who want to stoke the fires of economic growth in the communities in which they serve. Often, the value of private security is overlooked in these efforts. Not only is protection a valuable asset for a retailer or museum to have, but it helps to create an overall safer environment. When people feel safer, the walk more, spend more money, and are more open and friendly. That’s exactly the sort of thing that a tourist destination like Buena Park craves.

If you’re local to the area, and interested in security services click here to rent security guards, or call (888) 887 0021 to discuss permanent arrangements.

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