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Best Security Company To Work For In California

Best security company to work for in California

247 Private Security has a decades long history of providing private security, and we have learned the importance of our role as protectors of extraordinary people and circumstances. Law enforcement is unable to provide the preventative security that our clients need, which gives security companies the opportunity to offer our services to fill that gap and keep people and property safe.

Private security guard companies are able to provide enhanced security for all sorts of situations. 247 Private Security currently specializes in security services in Los Angeles, which gives us particular insight into bodyguard and event guard services. We keep the stars in front of and behind the camera safe. Whether they request a single armed personal bodyguard or a large team of event security to block off a major street for a premiere, 247 Private Security is Hollywood’s go-to and one of the top security guard companies for the entertainment industry.

Of course, LA is a lot more than just Hollywood. Southern California’s massive population sprawls across hundreds of miles, and 247 Private Security provides unarmed or armed temporary security, or longer lasting security services, throughout the entire region. From wedding security services to providing casino security guards to equipment watch services and even home fumigation preparation (your house  is very exposed when it’s getting readied for that circus tent!), 247 Private Security does it all.

We’re in a unique position in LA to be allowed to help keep a truly vast array of people safe. It’s our honor and our pleasure to help cover the ground that the LAPD is unable to. We’d love to be the one that you turn to when you need extra peace of mind. Give us a call today at 888-887-0021 or visit for more information on how we can help.

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