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Who we are?

247 Private Security serves a mission. And the mission is to serve our clients with affordable, elite, respectful and well-trained security professional, 24 hours a day. Our security guards services exceed client’s expectations and ensure a sense of security that you always want.

At 247 Private Security, we understand that the current process of hiring security guards services is needlessly complicated, at times, it is deceptive. Many security guards companies would promise more than they could deliver, and could never give a straight price. That’s where our first objective comes to play that is to make the process of ordering security guards services as simple as ordering a pizza. We’ve developed an online platform in order to empower our clients to review all the information and order at their convenience.

We’ve implemented in-depth federal level background checks and verification processes to ensure our guards are highly trained, high-quality, with many of our security staff coming from a military or law enforcement background.

Guard on Duty

As we provide many levels of service, from unarmed security to VIP close protection, as well as, armed guards and crowd control, we have implemented on-going training and education programs that keep our guards up to date on the latest security issues, preventive security measures, effective combat techniques. Our focus is offering our clients and partners security that exceeds their expectations.

Our commercial property security service has grown exponentially as we provide indoor GPS, two-way communication systems so building staff can report suspicious activity slot gacor gampang menang to our command center, as well as powerful mobile communication tools so that, should a crisis occur, we will be able to reach an unlimited number of mobile devices.

We look forward to securing you, your events, your facilities, and your staff as we continue in our growth across the nation. We are living out our corporate mission:  To improve the way the nation is secured.

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