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10 Best Security Companies In Los Angeles

10 best security companies in Los Angeles

Are you searching for an amazing security company Los Angeles? Well, you can easily find it on Google; however, before going there, you should know that Google is too crowded to start your search from scratch! You will get tons of results for one query. So, where to start? Here is a list of some companies which are considered the best due to the services they offer; let’s know about them and their services…

  1. United Guard Services

Fueled with the mission of delivering the highest quality professional services, United Guard Services assures you the best security services. So, let’s know why it is on the list of top security company Los Angeles and what sets them apart…

  • Security Guard Training

UGS has redefined the meaning of customization. Apart from customizable services, they also provide customized training. What does that mean? 

Well, a security guard serving an apartment’s check-in door would need a completely different skill set than the one guarding government facilities (the latter one might need more skills), and hence, the training methods required to earn these skillsets would also be different.

These training methods, as per UGS’s assurances, highly focus on their clients’ demands.

  • Customer Services

Effective communication helps every business in growing. But, with security services, open communication is the only key! UGS possesses a separate department for maintaining crystal clear communication with their business partners. Moreover, the customer care services are open 24/7 that equips their clients with the option of interrogating or questioning them any hour of the day. 

  • Accountability

UGS utilizes an amazing security guard monitoring system that eases tracking guards’ movement.

2. CitiguardTM

Citiguard is one of the most decorated companies in providing security services in Los Angeles, indeed. Why? Well, their services have quality! It provides its security services even to such places where security is a very sensitive matter; for instance, airports, executive protection through personal body-guard, Energy/Petrochemical/Chemical/ Utilities, and governmental facilities, etc.

These services are the bonus above all the services a business/person can get from an ordinary security service company, like patrolling, surveillance cameras, etc.

3. Onguard Security Services

At Onguard, they assure the best security services. These aren’t just hollow promises; they provide what they assure.

They tailor their service to deliver a seamless experience to their clients; for instance, they deliver short term services, which means you don’t need to sign a long-term contract to hire them. Unlike any other security company Los Angeles, they have no such policies. Therefore, you can always cross-check their services against their promises and assurances.

Their OnGuardLiveTM app would let you track your guards’ location easily that are anyway professionals. 

Why is it on the list of top security guard company Los Angeles? Let’s understand it by knowing the service it provides…

Here is the complete list of their services:-

  • Armed Services
  • Fire Watch Security Services
  • Concierge Services
  • Golf Cart Patrol
  • Vehicle Patrol Services
  • Unarmed Security Services

4. Galaxy Security

Along with a professional outfit — patches on the shoulder, badge on the chest, and black boots suiting right on the feet, security guards from Galaxy Security safeguard you with a real class. What sets Galaxy Security apart from others? Here are some points…

  • For Commercial Sites

They provide Digital Detex for commercial sites, which is more like patrolling services.

  • Live GPS 24/7

The security officers would be tracked 24/7 with a live GPS location tool pinned on their uniforms. 

  • DETEX Every Hour

DETEX is part of almost every security company; what Galaxy Security offers is a little upgraded version. They offer hourly digital DETEX.

  • Supervisor Patrols

Galaxy Security services include daily patrolling by supervisors. They check all the posts and on-duty guards.

5. 247 Private Security

You can get yourself a team of well-trained and elite professionals around the clock at 247 Private Security. Their main objective is to offer reliable security services with the ease of hiring. 247 Private Security thrives on covering every aspect to increase their clients’ security; they even offer an online platform where their clients can review all the security-related information at their convenience.

What services do they offer?

Besides, they offer highly trained professionals, such as former military officers. Their motto of running with the trending technology never let their client miss out on any technology that can increase their security. What’s left? Every security guard offered by this company has to go through a background check, and hence, optimum security is ensured by this company.

6. Bannerman Security

Bannerman offers an amazing management tool-kit for managing the security around your asset at a single consolidated space. Here you can get all the reports related to security and can organize the same. Amazing! Isn’t it?

Bannerman Security believes in the collaboration of personnel-based and technology-based solutions for providing better security of your assets. That’s the reason, it provides one! However, apart from a mixed solution, it focuses on understanding your requirements and allocates the appropriate guard service for your asset. It offers security guards for various purposes; for instance, it offers…

  • Office Security Guards
  • Healthcare Security Guards
  • Industrial Security Guards
  • Outdoor Security Guards

7. Stoneye Security Services

We have come across a number of security solutions in this article; however, none among the above security companies in Los Angeles county offer a discount, right? Well, Stoneye Security Services offers a discount on a multi-year contract. It is completely genuine for you to be hesitant while signing a security company for a whole year. However, when it comes to delivering a seamless experience, this company leaves no stone unturned to make its services the best. 

Moreover, apart from its amazing services, Stoneye Security lets you book your protection the same day. Hence, you don’t need to preplan a booking and spend a single penny extra on something you don’t need at the instant. They also provide common security services, such as Video Surveillance, Event Security Services, and Uniformed Security.

8. Eagle Eye Protection Inc

It is also one of the most high-rated and highly recommended security companies in Los Angeles. They promise no delay or gap in the communication from the first day of the contract to the day of its termination. And, this company might be the best choice for someone looking for amazing and licensed security services at a competitive rate.

Their services are open for the following places:-

  • Offices
  • Banks
  • Health Care
  • Special Events
  • Clubs
  • Construction Sites
  • Hotels
  • Apartment Complex
  • Shopping Malls
  • Factories
  • Parking Lots
  • Warehouse

9. Art of K9 Security Group

The skillset for safeguarding one asset might differ from the skillset required for safeguarding the other asset. For instance, the qualities of a personal body-guard would be different from a fire watch security guard. Art of K9 security group understands this; they really do! They understand your requirement and provide you the best suitable security services according to your demand.

Let’s look at some of their security services…

  • Unarmed Security Officers
  • Fire Watch services
  • Home Protection Services
  • Uniformed Security Officers
  • Plane clothed Security services
  • Parking Lot Security Enforcement Services
  • Construction Sites
  • Commercial Security Services
  • Estate Homes
  • Vehicle & Bike Patrol (k9 unit) Services
  • Shopping Center Security Services
  • Body Guard Services
  • Residential and Gated Communities
  • Home Security for Vacation Homes
  • Media & Entertainment Sites Security
  • K9 Patrol Units & K9 Guard
  • School Security Services

10. Elevated Protective services

They are one of the most preferred security services in Los Angeles. Why? Well, they are certified! Besides, they are good too. Here is a list of certificates that this company possess…

  • Veteran Owned
  • Sam’s Certified
  • Dunn’s Certified
  • Certified Los Angeles County Vendor
  • Fully Licensed (PPO: 120391)

You can easily find the significance of these certificates on Google. Most certificates are pretty valuable and are really hard to earn, which make this company more valuable and credible for customers.


These are the top 10 security companies in Los Angeles California providing the best security services; however, if you aren’t satisfied with these names or their services, you can always go back to Google to find the company that suits your requirements. Of course, the satisfaction of your mind is as important as the security of your asset. Choose what you deem perfect! 

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